Time & attendance without the old punch clock

The modern punch clock for time and attendanceForget the old-fashioned punch clock and notes - save time and money with a modern system for your company's T&A registration.

Automatic registration with ProMark reduces manual errors, administration and results in correct pay. As a bonus you get correct absence reporting across all your organisation.

New digital PUNCH CLOCK

The old-fashioned punch clock cannot collect data in real-time and give cost efficiency. Get the best solution with your investment in ProMark, and make your own choice whether to register on touch terminals, using biometry, cards or tags, via web portal or mobile app.

ProMark Workforce Management has been developed with one goal: Reduce your labour costs and eliminate manual errors.

Simple time and attendance registration is the first step.

By choosing ProMark T&A software you even get the opportunity to manage attendance plans and T&A and actually:

  • Ensure control of labour costs in complete integration with your other IT systems
  • Reduce risks, ensure traceability and correct payroll in accordance with collective and local agreements
  • Optimise workforce productivity by reducing manual and time-consuming administration and thus free employees for more productive activities

Will you do the same as the 300,000+ daily users of ProMark?

Our solution is automated and extremely easy to use. We deliver a high-quality product enabling you to make better decisions.

Mark Information has 30 years' experience in time & attendance registration, all the way back to the time of the punch clock.