Project registration

Project registration and activity time via portal – for all employees

Having the right basis for calculation for your company’s products and services is essential for the overall efficiency.

Using ProMarks intuitive web-based project registration, we can help you answer questions like:

  • Is time (even for salaried staff) spent on the right activities?
  • Are the ongoing projects profitable and sound?
  • Are your cost price calculations correct (is salaried staff time included in the cost calculation)?
  • Are you in control of indirect production costs?

The answers to these questions are more relevant than ever due to the global market situation.

Using ProMarks project registration can also help ease the T&A project registration process.


You can choose to register time on virtually all activities within almost any part of your company, eg.R & D, planning, design, production, sales, service/maintenance etc.

You can design your project registration to record data as specific as you need, and split data out on work orders or projects, to get the overview you need, as a basis for a cost calculation, follow-up on effiency in a project, or as basis for invoicing.


Any employee with access to the portal via individual or a common PC, via intranet etc. can register their time spent on specific orders, activities and projects.


ProMarks ProPortal provides you with an online portal for all your standard project registration, making collected data immediately available for e.g. replanning of activities or analysis.

ProPortal lets you design your own projects to register on but also lets you register data on projects from other systems, in your company, thus having one portal for all project registration.