Project management

Are you missing a system for project management and time registration?

Allocating the right staff with the right qualifications to the right place at the right time, gives the entire organisation the possibility to maximise efficiency and performance.

With ProMark project management; the management gets a tool, which in several different ways gives the management a better overview of information – an advantage when making decisions.


The potential for an integrated workforce management solution that supports end-to-end task management in a single application — is a powerful proposition.”

Quote from Gale Daikoku, Research director, Gartner Group

These decisions can be vital for the efficiency of the company and decisive for the products being delivered on time, for the profitability, for the production running and for knowing the profitability on your services or projects.

The information needed to make such decisions is presented in a clear and easy way, so bottlenecks and over-capacity is easily detected.

With ProMark it is easy to:

  • do the roster planning
  • make detailed planning (e.g. production or roster) in realtime
  • make registrations on activities, work orders, cases and projects
  • analyse and evaluate current and finished projects 
  • reduce manual administration

The company's performance and efficiency is optimised with the right project management system, yielding a sensible ROI.


ProMark offers different modules such as ProJect, ProJob, ProRoster and ProReport to further help with a proper project management, tailored to your specific needs.

Mark Information has more than 35 years of experience with project management and in delivering the right IT solution that can be combined with your existing IT solutions, thus creating an overall view for making the right actions towards the challenges.