Production scheduling

ProMark enables control with T&A and activities

ProMark's production scheduling software helps companies schedule their production on site in connection with production of services or the production of physical goods on the job floor. It provides proper time keeping and attendance related to jobs, orders and operations.

ProMark enables the company to obtain an ongoing real-time overview of production schedules, jobs completed at any point in time, results and plans.

The Advantages with production scheduling are:

Improved planning related to

  • Rostering of employees
  • Overview of absence and management of absence
  • Effective use of resources and employees
  • Effective allocation of resources related to job schedules
  • Ongoing tuning and visualisation of production schedules

Data collection related to

  • Employees
  • Resources
  • Materials
  • Finished good

Job information related to:

  • Rosters
  • Detailed work / schedules
  • Job specifications

Transparency with regard to following up on:

  • Delays
  • Manning
  • Statistics
  • Approval/corrections

ProMark is the perfect tool for time keeping and attendance or production scheduling. It enables the company to manage and schedule the workforce time and attendance and plan the employees for the right tasks at the right time.