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Integration with ProMark – ProHost

Establish integration between ProMark and other business systems and increase the efficiency

ProMark is a unique tool for collection, presentation and distribution of payroll and production related data. By integrating with other business systems such as HR/HCM, payroll and ERP systems, valuable and current information becomes available where it is needed, when it is needed – without any risk of human errors or delays. Also, it eliminates a series of administrative routines.

ProHost is ProMark’s module for integration. It offers a large number of standard integrations and has advanced configuration capabilities.

One system cannot support everything!

Often, a solution based on only one system will show shortcomings in one or more business critical subprocesses. A solution of well-integrated and efficient systems provides a much more flexible and effective support of the company's business processes.

With ProMark, the company can increase the relevance and credibility of:

  • Attendance data
  • Absence data
  • Planning data
  • Production data
  • Stock data and
  • Cost data

– at every level.

With the right information available in the right systems, the company achieves a much better overview. This optimises the ability to focus on the important matters as well as the possibility to adjust plans immediately when unexpected incidents occur.

Increased efficiency through integration

Integrating different administrative systems provides the company with a solid and factual basis for decisions. What used to be subsequent reporting on circumstances that could not be changed, now suddenly becomes active management information on what goes on this very minute.

Other benefits are:

  • Reduced number of manual routines in payroll calculation, production planning, purchase, logistics, inventory, sales, management etc.
  • Fewer errors in the transfer of data
  • Faster reaction to deviations and unexpected events
  • Higher efficiency

We have more than 400 customers. In every case, ProMark is integrated with one or more business systems – and always with payroll. This increases the ROI of other business systems considerably. 



Standard integrations

Currently, ProMark offers the standard integrations shown below. If your system is not listed, then please contact us. It may be in development.


  • 4Human
  • Aditro Lön & HR
  • Agda Lön
  • Bluegarden HR-plus
  • Bluegarden HR-plus maps
  • Bluegarden løn
  • Dataløn
  • Epos-løn & HR
  • Flex HRM Payroll
  • Formula Lønn & Personal
  • Hogia Lön
  • HRM Software Lön & HR
  • Huldt & Lillevik
  • Kontek Lön
  • Lessor løn
  • MindKey
  • MoorePay Payroll & HR
  • MR-Løn/KMD
  • Multiløn Erhverv
  • Multiløn Maxi
  • Multisoft
  • Personec Lön & HR
  • POL Lön
  • Sage Payroll & HR
  • SnowdropKCS
  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • SAP Payroll
  • Sympa
  • Talentsoft
  • Visma Lön
  • Visma.net Payroll
  • Visma SPCS
  • Workday



  • Agresso UBW
  • ASPECT/4
  • Concorde XAL
  • IFS Applications
  • Infor ERP LN
  • Infor M3
  • Oracle ERP
  • SAP Business One
  • Visma Business
  • Visma.net



  • CAX
  • Trio Present (serial and TCP/IP)



File exchange:

  • Comma separated/fixed length
  • XML
  • IDocs (SAP)

Services (SOA):

  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • MS Outlook/Office365
  • SAP .Net Connector
  • OData driver

Database/table exchange:

  • DB2/400
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL
  • Progress