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SAP integration

Extend your SAP installation the last two feet to the shop floor

SAP Certified Integration with SAP ApplicationsProMark is operating at a more detailed level than a SAP system. In ProMark each individual parameter (labour, machine, material or external resources) can be planned, rescheduled and changed. The changes made can be fed back to SAP, but will normally only reside in ProMark until completion.

SAP Certified Integration with SAP S/4HANA®SAP plans the availability of resources, and distributes production plans based on demand/orders at an overall level, while ProMark tracks performance and progress in real time at a more detailed level. You should therefore see ProMark as an extension to SAP, where SAP makes the master production plan, and ProMark enables operational planning and re-planning at the shop floor.

Maximum synergy between ERP and job registration

  • 100% explanation of job time versus paid attendance
  • Automated check in and out of jobs when employees work on the same order for a long time – thus requiring no manual job registration
  • Same terminals and known dialogues
  • Possibility of OEE web part, possibly on big screens
  • Option to plan employee resources on jobs
  • Ability to collect time on IPO (indirect production orders) such as sweeping, cleaning, training, meetings etc.
  • Ability to set up validation on job registrations e.g. if more hours are spent than scheduled
  • Use of job registration via mobile client
  • Online real-time registration instead of a backlog
  • Standard reports on productivity and efficiency by work centres, departments, orders, employees, etc. Calculated as planned production time related to actual production time
  • Only ONE screen where managers get an overview of documents, making corrections and approve deviations

Generally, implementation of ProJob is finished in less a week – we make job registration simple!

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