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ProReport – a tool for sharing information

ProReport presents and distributes data in ProMark, producing reports and statistics that help you make decisions based on facts.

ProReport reports data in ProMark

ProReport extracts key data collected in ProMark and delivers these as a series of standard reports. Additionally, ProReport enables you to create your own reports adapted to your company's specific needs, and to export them to either Word, Excel or as a pdf.

ProReport helps process and present all relevant data in an easily comprehensible format which can be used by everybody in the company.

ProReport allows you to effectively plan distribution of reports. For instance, a report can be run in the evening and then sent via e-mail to the relevant recipients ready for when they come to work.

ProReport is highly intuitive and uncomplicated both in design and user interface. The 40 standard reports in ProReport cover most business needs.

Reporting relates to all types of registrations such as attendance, absence, projects and activities as well as production data.

ProReport – knowledge and facts

ProReport allows you to make fact-based decisions from today's data as the information is easily accessible and available.

ProReport makes it possible to share information across departments and division through planned distribution of reports in standard formats. This ensures that all the relevant people have the identical information. This makes knowledge sharing easier, saves time, and allows effective decisions to be made based on current data.

ProReport is both user-friendly and intuitive. The data can be exported for presentation in Excel, Word or as a pdf file.

Company benefits

Through easy availability, clear presentation and effective distribution of the data already gathered in ProMark, ProReport allows you to make fact-based and thus more qualified decisions for your company. The automatic distribution of reports provides an up-to-date overview of the facts so as to avoid dependence on statistics from the previous quarter.