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Business Intelligence – ProBI

ProBI is Mark Information's Business Intelligence solution. It enables the analysis of workforce management issues based on the data contained in ProMark. A flexible tool capable of presenting data via ProMark's web portal or in a data cube with options for integration with the rest of the company's Business Intelligence environment.

ProBI – Business Intelligence for all

ProBI enables the analysis of workforce management issues based on the data contained in ProMark in the form of absence registration, project registration, activity registration etc. As an example, in the case of absence, companies may be interested in analysing how absence varies from division to division, department to department or between employee groups and countries in order to better understand the challenges involved or as a basis for decisions: Where do we have our most steady/reliable employees? where should we locate production in the future? Why is absenteeism higher in this department?

ProBI is a flexible tool which enables companies to create customised reports available via ProMark's web portal. ProBI can also be provided as data cubes so that ProMark data can be integrated with the rest of the company's data in their own data warehouse environment.

ProBI's user-friendly reporting tools facilitate the preparation of the company’s customised reports based on a drill down concept in which you can obtain evermore detailed data depending on needs. It is also possible to generate reports when specific events occur, such as if absence exceeds a certain limit. Special predefined dashboards or KPI reports can also be made available on the ProMark web portal. Thus data can be distributed to a broader group of relevant decision-makers.

Above all, ProBI makes it possible to analyse causal relationships and facilitates the preparing of daily reports adapted to the company's needs at any particular moment.

ProBI provides major benefits for companies

Using ProBI, companies can analyse data more closely, compile data according to needs, and prepare whatever reports required without being dependent on development resources.

The user friendly reporting tools facilitate the preparation of reports without assuming particular prior knowledge in the area of Business Intelligence. Simplicity is the key.

Through ProBI, companies are given a clear overview of the valuable data contained in ProMark, and can exploit this data to inform decision-making. A high level perspective can be obtained or you can delve more deeply into details with just a few clicks.

Data can be easily presented schematically or graphically depending on user preferences. It is also possible for users to receive their own individual reports which specifically match their job situation, and draw up analyses and reports adapted to their specific current situation.

Using ProBI, companies can better distribute important key data via ProMark's web portal and via Smartphones; reports and data which can be altered according to needs at any time.

ProBI is an extremely flexible tool so, if companies prefer to use their own data warehouse environment, for example in order to be able to compare ProMark data with other data, this option is available. It is not a question of ‘either/or’!

Company benefits from ProBI

Through ProBI, companies have improved options for using ProMark data actively to inform decision-making. For example, when analysing absence, with just a few clicks companies can obtain an overview of: reasons for absence, absence grouped by employee type, absence grouped by department, information about these departments such as the number of employees, employee categories, periods during which absence has been particularly acute and much more. This gives companies a rapid and invaluable overview of the scope of their challenges, and highlights areas where action might be required.

By comparing ProMark data with other company data, such as employee satisfaction surveys, vital information on specific issues can be obtained, which perhaps must be viewed from a top management perspective.

In brief, ProBI effectively ensures that data is used actively in the decision-making process and ensures that data matches requirements and specific management needs.