Absence Management

Advanced handling of holiday and sickness

Many companies have already seen the value of having a digital solution for registration of time & attendance, supporting employee clock-in and clock-out, overtime, supplements and more, thus ensuring the correct payroll basis. This saves time for both employees, payroll administration and finance, and provides accurate data for planning and follow-up. 

However, it is not only important to have control of employee attendance. It is equally important to be able to manage their absence – planned as well as unplanned.

ProAbs is modules for advanced absence management covering two functional areas:

ProAbs Holiday – automated handling of annual leave

ProAbs Holiday supports accrual and allocation of holiday and special days as well as transition to the new leave year – including carry over or payment of unused entitlement.

ProAbs Sickness – structured follow-up on sickness absence

ProAbs Sickness allows you to structure the follow- up on employee absence and handle rolling sickness policies.

Financial gains, increased trust and less administration

There are many advantages to gain from digitalising the absence management processes in your company. Some of them are:
  • Reduced administration: Automating time-consuming, manual workflows for both employees, managers and in payroll administration reduces administrative time, cost and the risk of errors
  • Compliance: The company will get support to comply with the different working time rules, local agreements and internal policies regarding holiday and sickness
  • Correct holiday management in time: The automation ensures equal processing for all employees and the company avoids errors in payouts and holiday entitlements
  • Better follow-up on absence due to illness: The company gets a strong tool that can help reduce absence due to illness and facilitate correct remuneration of employees in case of illness
  • Trust: Increased trust between the employee and the company. The employee can rest assured that everything is under control