Advanced holiday management

ProAbs Holiday supports safe handling of holiday accrual, differentiation in leave entitlement and transition to new leave year.

ProAbs Ferie gør det nemt at håndtere ferieregnskabet
Usually, holiday planning is something that both the employee and the company are interested in getting in place well in advance. Not only because it provides the best foundation for long-term planning but also because it is in the company' interest that employees take the leave they are entitled to.
ProAbs Holiday is a specialized module that automates a wide range of workflows and thus, simplifies handling of annual leave in the company.

Advanced holiday management

ProAbs Holiday supports 2 different processes:
  • Holiday entitlement calculation: 
    ProAbs Holiday can calculate and manage accrual and allocation of holiday leave according to working hours (full-time/part-time), length of service and age, if relevant and will also keep track of whether the accrued holiday is with or without pay
  • Transition to new leave year: 
    The module supports the transition from one leave year to the next, including allocation of new holiday, carrying over old holiday and payment of non-used entitlement 
With ProAbs Holiday employees, managers and payroll administration have an up-to-date overview of holiday balances, granted holiday, request for transfers etc. Thus, the module ensures that holiday cannot be carried over several times by mistake. And with automated notifications, the company can ensure that the necessary approvals are made in time.

Correct holiday management in time

The functionality of ProAbs Holiday is simply to support all leave management. And the automation ensures that everything happens on time and is equal for all employees.
The company avoids irregular processing and errors in payouts and holiday entitlements, because the system can remind the various parties of tasks and actions that need to be taken care of in good time.
Proper and visible handling of holiday is of great importance to both the administration and the individual employee which in turn contributes to increasing trust and job satisfaction for the benefit of the company.