Absence-KPI in ProPortal

Every year, absence due to illness costs the business community billions of pounds and consequently most companies have a strategic focus on exactly this area

Absence on weekdaysWith ProPortal you can quickly gauge absence in real-time and get answers and overview using the Absence-KPI.

The Absence-KPI can answer questions such as:

  • What does absence due to illness cost your company right now?
  • Which departments are most affected by illness?
  • Do you have more absence due to illness in your company compared to the rest of the sector?

The principles are the same as for Business Intelligence systems. There are traffic lights indicating danger levels and drill-down tools that rapidly give an insight into the background for the deviations enabling you to react. In this case, absence is displayed in real-time and measured financially.


Take the lid off your company with absence-KPI

Length of absence periods

Absence-KPI gives you quick overview of:

  • Absence reasons – total, by department or employee
  • Absence by day of week
  • The price of current absence in total for your company, for a department or an employee
  • ... and much more

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Absence on employeeAbsence on employee