ProMark – Workforce Management software

Workforce management software for time and attendance, scheduling, task management and business intelligence

With ProMark your company chooses the professional full-service solution on your route to improved productivity throughout the organisation. Similarly, administrative time registration and payroll calculation processes are digitalised and made more efficient in relation to all collective and local agreements. ProMark is primarily suited for companies and organisation of +100 employees.

An investment in ProMark Workforce Management software gives definite advantages for:

  • HR and payroll administration as well as Shared Service Centres
  • Middle managers such as department or production managers
  • The CFO and other top managers
  • Employees on any type of collective or local agreement

choose the modules that create the greatest value

ProMark is developed with the newest technologies on the market and is available as a cloud as well as on-premise solution. This allows your company to choose the operational platform that fits best into your IT environment.

ProMark is a modular system so that companies can opt for the parts that create the greatest value for them:

Product suite in ProMark Workforce Management


TIME AND ATTENDANCE: Accurate registration of working hours and absence validated against collective and local agreements creates the correct payroll basis

ABSENCE MANAGEMENT: Advanced handling of accrual, use and transfer of holiday. Sickness management with distribution on the right accounts and workflows for follow-up and overview

TASK MANAGEMENT: Registration of employee activities (job, project and process) refines ERP data for follow-up on deliveries and costs

SCHEDULING: Rostering and employee scheduling for effective use of company resources – even in case of deviations

USER EXPERIENCE: Web portal, mobile app and terminals for registration, overview and approvals

INTEGRATIONS: Modern, secure API-based integrations for payroll, HR and ERP ensure exchange of important data and user experiences

ANALYTICS: Reports and Business Intelligence for analysis of data from all parts of ProMark for fact-based decisions and increased efficiency

DELIVERY OPTIONS: Public cloud as a standard. Possibility for private cloud or on-premise according to customer requirements

ProMark gives companies a sound and fact-based decision-making basis while improving possibilities for rapid response to changes in demand or capacity. This characteristic has persuaded such companies as Arla Foods, Carlsberg, Lantmännen and Rockwool to choose Mark Information for enhancing the efficiency of their processes. In fact, over the years we have helped more than 1000 customers to achieve major savings and enhance the efficiency of their processes.


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