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OEE – overall equipment effectiveness

Use oee to highlight inefficient use of production equipment and increase efficiency and productivity

OEE is a method of measurement and optimization that identifies waste on production equipment. As a figure it describes how well the equipment is being used, how efficient the equipment is running and what level of quality the equipment has – currently.

Targeted production management

With OEE companies get an actual figure on the waste on their production equipment.  Overall Equipment Effectiveness shows where optimization efforts should be concentrated and is a valuable addition to the management production toolkit. Furthermore it provides a basis for:  

  • monitoring shop floor processes
  • KPI calculation
  • analysis and production follow-up

Few companies present a high score in terms of overall equipment effectiveness before working strategically with OEE and lean.

OEE supports the lean process by identifying, where to optimize and by reducing some of the seven types of waste in lean.

common direction and efforts

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness can be used to identify best practices within a company across several production sites
  • OEE make waste visible for management, but also for the employees and can be used to include the employees in the responsibility of waste reduction

monitoring production data

ProMark’s software ProOEE shows planned and actual status on production in real time based on the employees’ registration of time and production results. ProOEE can display production data on big screens, which allows the employees to constantly monitor the production.

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