ProMark user group

ProMark user group

ProMark User group - an important source of inspirationUser groups are one of the most important sources of inspiration for the ongoing development of ProMark. An incredible amount of inspiration is created in the groups – not just for Mark Information, but also for the participating companies and their employees.

In Denmark, we have run user groups for many years – and with great success. Currently, we have 4 active groups that meet 2 times a year. Now our customers in the UK get the same opportunity.

The purpose of the user group is to give the members the opportunity to:

  • be updated on the latest development in ProMark, for example via presentations and demos of new functionality
  • exchange experiences on the use of ProMark and related topics
  • build a network that can be contacted in case of questions related to the daily use of ProMark
  • increase the value of ProMark for the individual user through inspiration from the other members in the group
  • make suggestions to Mark Information on enhanced functionality in ProMark that can be of interest to several users

All ProMark super users are welcome to join the group. The user group will ’meet’ virtually twice a year, and membership is free of charge.

If you are unable to attend the first meeting, sign up of the user group anyway. That way, you will receive information about future meetings.

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Other members benefit greatly from participating:

"We can only encourage others to attend the meetings as there is really good sparring between the members. No questions or challenges are too small. We learn something new every time – and are particularly excited when we ’discover’ functions that have existed for years."

Josephine Meldgaard Sørensen and Dorthe Sønderdahl Jensen
HR and payroll coordinator, Palsgaard A/S

"Attending the user group meetings gives a lot of knowledge about ProMark. Also, I have got a great network I can contact if I have questions or need someone to discuss the use of ProMark with."

Heidi Junker
HR responsible, Cleansafe A/S