ProAccess access control at Coop Hasselager Distribution center


At Coop Hasselager Distribution center they do not use keys – instead access is controlled by magnetic cards

All doors which need to be unlocked are equipped with a magnetic card reader so that only the right persons can gain access. The employee database is the same one used by Coop for arriving and leaving registration, so all employee access can be easily administered centrally.

Laget på Coop Hasselager Distributionscenter

And when new employees are recruited they need only be set up once, at one location in the company and be provided with a magnetic card. The system also logs all door openings so one can view which door was opened and by whom – or if it was an authorised opening.

Coop wanted a transparent time registration system for managing wages in order to reduce administration times and at the same time they wished to have complete control of access to the company. ProAccess' integration with ProTime killed two birds with one stone! All employees would only have to be registered once, after which access control can be easily managed with a few clicks of the mouse.

Coop is Denmark's largest retail chain, which operates the Kvickly, SuperBrugsen, Dagli'Brugsen and chains and the Fakta A/S and Irma A/S subsidiaries.

Together with the independent consumer cooperatives, Coop has annual revenues of approx DKK 50 billion and 35 million employees.

Coop's predecessor FDB was founded in 1896 as a partnership between the many Danish consumer cooperatives. FDB gradually grew throughout the twentieth century into one of Denmark's largest own convenience goods producing companies and through wholesaling to the consumer cooperatives. In the 1970s, FDB began to focus more on retailing, and at the end of the 1980s the company changed from itself producing and wholesaling goods to being a retailing company. Approximately around the year 2000, discussions commenced with the consumer cooperatives in the Nordic countries aimed at strengthening competitiveness in the international market. Coop Norden, 38% of which was owned by FDB came into being in 2002, and thereafter the Danish shops and stores were operated by the subsidiary Coop Danmark A/S. From January 2008, the Danish shops and stores in Coop Danmark once again returned to being a wholly owned Danish company with FDB as sole owner. Today, Coop Danmark is one of Denmark's largest companies in terms of revenue and number of working places.

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