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What a user conference!


This year, we had a record number of participants at our user conference!

And for the first time it was a Nordic conference with the participation of both Danish, Norwegian and Swedish customers!

120 participants were in place at Holckenhavn Castle in Denmark for a full day of presentations about our product strategy, the new portal solution, the holiday module and the mobile solution – presented by customers as well as our own consultants. And the many relevant questions from the room testified to great interest in these areas.

The participants' feedback shows a great satisfaction with the conference. And we have got good, useful input for how we can make it even better next time.



Holckenhavn tager imod igen Holckenhavn tager imod igen Michael byder velkommen  
Christian Fuhlendorff kickstarter dagen Morten Janum præsenterer ProMark produkstrategi Dorthe Mønsted, JN Data  
Riddersalen Søren Gents og Patric Skat Larsen gennemgår feriemodulet Jan Andreasen, Brdr. Hartmann  
Vinder af iPad: Jette Eybye, Supergros Vinder af iPad: Sussi Frydensbjerg, Dansac partnere på konferencen