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Welcome to our new customer Vitfoss


Vitfoss is a dynamic and innovative company that produces vitamins and minerals for livestock.

Welcome to our new customer VitfossBased on farmers' needs Vitfoss contributes to value-added solutions for the farmer through customized blends for farm animal production.

Furthermore, they provide a number of specialty products such as milk replacers, vitamins, veterinary medical products and pet food. The accumulated knowledge and experience they have acquired after more than 80 years in the field of nutrition for animals, are of course used for all animal groups.


Vitfoss' history dates back to 1930 when the company began as a wholesale grain and feed business. Today, Vitfoss is owned by DLG. Vitfoss is a highly specialized premix company with modern facilities and specialized knowledge - both key factors in the strong position as market leader in customized vitamin and mineral supplements.

As a start, the ProMark Workforce Management solution at Vitfoss will include time, absence and holiday registration and involves simple and easy reporting through thin clients as well as LAN-Touch terminals based on the latest technology including biometrics. The turnkey project covers T&A as well as absence management with integration to payroll via DLG.

The project started in February 2014.