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VikingGenetics – new customer in the pound


The agreement includes standard time & attendance and absence registration for 200 registrants in 3 countries and our module for staff rostering

VikingGenetics logoIn March 2016, VikingGenetics, one of the world's leading breeding companies based in western Denmark, signed an agreement with Mark Information on the implementation of ProMark for 200 registrants at 3 different locations – 120 in Denmark, 50 in Sweden and 35 in Finland.

The agreement includes standard time & attendance and absence registration (ProTime), including our module for staff rostering (ProRoster) in all three countries. In Denmark, VikingGenetics has chosen our modern web portal (ProPortal) as the user interface, while employees in Sweden will access the solution via ProPC (a Windows-based terminal) and Finland will use PC-Mark.

"There are several reasons for choosing ProMark. The simple module for staff rostering and Mark Information’s ability to meet our desire for a fast implementation within a single month weighted high," says Andreas Storm, Group Business Controller at VikingGenetics.

"We are very pleased that VikingGenetics has chosen to implement our solution," says Michael Dupont Fischer, Country Manager at Mark Information Denmark. "This proves that ProMark has a competitive edge in the market – also in relation to international companies."

The project will start up immediately with an intense implementation process in Denmark, followed by Sweden and Finland in May and June.

About VikingGenetics
VikingGenetics is a world leader within bull breeding based in Randers. They invest a large amount of money in research every year and uses the latest technologies. VikingGenetics has an effective breeding programme and tests the quality of approx. 450 bulls of the dairy breeds Holstein, VikingRed and Jersey. The annual sale is around 4 million doses in the home markets and to more than 50 countries worldwide.