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The Seldén Group has chosen ProMark for their global business


Seldén Mast has invested in the future and entered an agreement with Mark Information

The Seldén Group has chosen ProMark for their global businessThe Seldén Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality rigs for boats between 2-30 tons. The Seldén staff are experienced yachtsmen themselves. Thorough knowledge and a vivid interest makes all of them part of the Seldén quality mindedness and product development.

Seldén manufactures what the yachtsmen themselves want to us on their own boats. With development and production units on the Swedish West coast and the South coast of England,  Seldén has unique opportunities for testing and enhancing the development of their products under the harsh and realistic conditions at sea. Seldén's quality control does not end after  production. As part of the Seldén Group's policy, they follow  the responsibility for quality through the distribution and service stages and all the way to the customer.                                

Along these lines, Seldén Mast has chosen ProMark from Mark Information as their  workforce management solution, to be integrated with  the company's business system  MS NAV as well as to the different payroll systems throughout the Group.

As the first step, Seldén will implement ProMark at their Swedish companies. The solution covers time and attendance for all hourly workers, salaried staff and contractors based on our latest portal technology as well as the industrial solution for project & production reporting. The integration of ProMark's production module with MS NAV will supply detailed reporting, planning and follow-up, including subsequent calculations based on actual data.

In the next steps, ProMark will be rolled out throughout the Seldén Group production facilities in the UK,  France, Holland, USA and Hong Kong.

We welcome Seldén Mast among our customers.