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Skare Meat Packers – new ProMark customer


Mark Information has made a corporate agreement with Skare Meat Packers on implementation of ProMark Workforce Management in 4 countries

SKARE was founded in 1972, and the Skare Group presently covers 700 employees. High and uniform quality has always been the primary concept for SKARE who are dedicated exclusively to the cutting and processing of selected beef and veal. The choicest cuts are sent to hotels, restaurants and caterers, and even to retail chains, supermarkets and butchers.

SKARE has an annual turnover of around 1.7 billion DKK. Approximately 70% are exported to countries in Europe, the Far and Middle East. SKARE has branches and abattoirs in a number of other European countries. The Group has four branches in Spain, a branch in France, butcheries in Germany and Aarhus, Denmark, and SKARE FOOD in Christiansfeld, Denmark.

The ProMark Workforce Management solution at Skare includes all ProMark modules including T&A, absenteeism, job registration and rostering based on our latest portal technology.

Reporting will be made in both thin and rich clients as well as on the new wet room LAN-Terminals with biometric readers.  

The turnkey project covers T&A, notifications, flexi-time and absence management with integration to NemRefusion, ERP and to their payroll system EPOS as well as ProPortal with Absence-KPI for their management.  

The project will start in Denmark and subsequently be spread to Spain, Germany and France.  

The core of ProMark is simplicity! Simplicity is the main success criteria for value creation through the implementation of Workforce Management.

The month calendar is an example of simplicity: All registrations can be made here whether it concerns attendance or absence.

Another example of simplicity for the user is our notifications. Managers at Skare will be notified via e-mail when there are deviations to be approved. This way, time is only spent on T&A when necessary - and the basis for their payroll is in place in due time.  

Another type of notification is follow-up on absence due to illness where for instance department heads are automatically notified after 5 days of absence and requested via e-mail to follow up towards the employee.

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