SDC automates their holiday management


ProAbs Holiday makes it much easier to handle the transition to a new leave year and will free up time for other tasks.

ProAbs Ferie - modul til avanceret feriehåndteringOn 18 March 2019, SDC started to use ProAbs Holiday – our brand new module within absence management. The module supports accrual of holiday leave, allocation of holiday and special days of leave, and carry over or payment of unused entitlement.

Previously, holiday management required quite a lot manual work for both HR, employees and managers. Thus, SDC chose to support the development of advanced holiday functionality in ProMark in 2017.

According to Elisabeth Mortensen, HR Consultant in SDC, both the development process and commissioning have been successful.   

"It has been exciting to influence the development of the new holiday management module and we feel that our needs and wishes have been addressed along the way so we are very satisfied with the result", says Elisabeth.

With ProAbs Holiday, it is easier and more manageable for managers to handle employee requests for carrying over and/or payment of unused entitlement. Moreover, the heavy administrative work in the HR department will be reduced, while improving the overview of holiday balances and transfers and data can easily be transferred to the payroll system. As an extra bonus, ProMark can also handle carry over of other accrued days or hours.

"The new holiday management module makes it much easier to handle the transition to a new leave year and will ease the workflow for all parties. This frees up time for other tasks", says Elisabeth.

SDC has used ProMark since 2014 where they replaced a proprietary system which could not support a new collective agreement for the finance sector. Approx. 1,000 permanent employees and consultants/subcontractors in Denmark, Sweden and Poland use ProMark for time and project registration. Hence, SDC have been assured that the payroll and billing basis is in place in time. 

About SDC
SDC automatiserer feriehåndteringenSDC is IT service partner to the finance sector in the Nordics. Their core services are development and operation of banking applications and as the only vendor on the market, they provide a common Nordic platform which is customised to the national legislation and language in the individual countries. Today, 120 small and big financial institutions from all over the Nordic countries are part of the community.

SDC strives to offer the most future-proof IT platform in the Nordics by being at the forefront of development and provide best-in-class functionality, design and optimisation.

SDC employs 560 people at their headquarters in Denmark and approx. 40 employees in subsidiaries in Sweden and Poland.