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Roskilde University – new ProMark customer in the educational sector


Mark Information strengthens their position within the educational sector with a new agreement with Roskilde University (RUC)

Roskilde Universitet – ny kunde innenfor utdanningssektorenRoskilde Universitet has made a contract with Mark Information regarding the implementation of ProMark Workforce Management.

RUC's seal holds the motto: In tranquillo mors – in fluctu vita (In stillness death, in movement life).

Roskilde University has approximately 8,500 students and 1,000 employees and is the fifth largest university in Denmark.

The ProMark Workforce Management solution at RUC includes T&A, absence, holiday and project registration for RUC's employees based on our latest portal technology and implies simple and easy reporting via thin clients.

The turn-key solution at RUC covers T&A registration via portal, absence registration integrated to NemRefusion and SLS-FRAV, ProPortal, ProNotify, reporting and absence-KPI for management. In addition, they have an option for ProMobile.

The project will start in April 2013.