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Rexam, new customer!


Rexam is the leading European beverage can maker for beverage suppliers like Carlsberg and Coca-Cola

Rexam, new customer!Rexam Beverage Can Fosie AB in Malmo, Sweden, has signed an agreement with Mark Information on implementation of ProMark Workforce Management. The agreement covers the facility in Malmö.  Rexam Beverage Can in Fredericia, Denmark, is already a customer
utilising ProMark.

Rexam Beverage Can Fosie AB produces and sells beverage cans in the Nordic countries. They are market leader in the Nordic countries, supplying most of the breweries. Their turnover in the Nordic countries is approximately 2.5 billion SEK and they have well over 250 employees working in Malmö.

The ProMark Workforce Management solution at Rexam will cover time and attendance for all hourly workers, salaried staff and sub-suppliers based on our latest portal technology as well as the access control solution.

In the first stage, ProMark will be integrated with the payroll system from Aditro.