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ProMark operation in relation to the Corona situation


We are ready to help!

In light of the serious situation with the risk of spreading the Corona virus, which more or less shuts down several workplaces in Denmark for at least the next 14 days, we in Mark Information also take a number of precautions.
We want to maintain support for our customers, including access to hotline and consultants while protecting our employees so that they can still perform their tasks, e.g. by working from home, thus avoiding the risk of infection.  
Support and consultancy assistance will be carried out by remote connection for the time being. That is via mail, phone, Skype meetings with shared screen and TeamViewer access to your ProMark installation. It is a situation we are used to dealing with and which many of you already know.
Physical meetings are thus limited to an absolute minimum. We encourage you to think how far we can actually help you without having to physically meet. Training can also be done virtually. 


As we do not know how the situation is developing, here is some good advice on how to prepare yourself in the best possible way. Should you need our consultants to access your ProMark server to help with customising setup or support with processing of payroll and absence files, etc., it would be a good idea to prepare it now by: 
  • Making sure TeamViewer is downloaded and located on the ProMark server (download Teamviewer here)
  • Having the user ID and password ready to send to us. If you choose to send them to us now we will, of course, comply with the GDPR rules, so access is only used at your request, if necessary.
If you need superuser assistance for, e.g. closing the period in ProMark and generating payroll and absence files, our consultants can also support here via remote access. 


Contact us if you have any questions about the above or have any doubts. We are ready to help!