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ProJect keeps companies on track


ProJect, ProMark’s project module from Mark Information, is ideal for keeping a check on all working procedures.

ProJect keeps companies on trackProJect records clocking in and clocking off times, keeps a check on production costs and allows budgeted hours to be compared with recorded hours. This provides detailed data about developments, thereby allowing the efficiency and progress of each project to be monitored.

Deficient recording of employees' working hours and project costs is a nightmare for any project-oriented operation. A lack of awareness and specific knowledge about the company's activities may result in the company being absent from the market when the time is ripe to bid for the next assignment.

ProJect provides insight and specific knowledge. ProJect's power is that the data recorded is immediately available for planning, follow-up and reporting. This allows companies to exactly and easily calculate the costs of each project, as it provides complete knowledge of the distribution of resources. Moreover, ProJect's effective and valid costing allows the planned tasks to be performed on time. In addition, the broad knowledge base enables far better re-planning if a project fails to proceed as planned.

The Cleveland Bridge company, one of the world's leading companies in the field of bridge building, hi-tech structures and steel structures, long ago realised the great value of having control and overview of projects. The challenge facing Cleveland Bridge, which also uses other modules from the Mark Information Workforce Management solution, was two-pronged. It was a matter both of finding a more ideal system of collecting employees' working hours and also of keeping a check on the day-to-day progress of projects, both the minor ones, but in particular major projects such as the Thames Barrier and the Wembley National Stadium, which could continue for many years.

And what results it has given! The fact is that at Cleveland Bridge the terminal takes pride of place every time a new project is set in motion. Thus all working procedures are recorded and valuable knowledge about company operations is constantly updated. This enables the monitoring of current and future work assignments and procedures.

This strength of ProJect has contributed to ProMark today being one of the four central systems used by Cleveland Bridge. Paul Cusworth, IT Manager of Cleveland Bridge, explains in greater detail: "Of more than 40 systems used by Cleveland Bridge, ProMark is one of our 4 core systems which is essential for collecting working time both for salary and for calculation of production efficiency figures. Read more here...

In ProJect, Cleveland Bridge has an outstanding tool for keeping major construction and engineering works on track. Besides in-depth knowledge about the development of construction projects, the efficient recording of employees' working hours has reduced administrative costs and increased possibilities for analysing construction works in progress throughout the world.

Thus, as far as Cleveland Bridge is concerned, ProJect was the right choice for creating transparency, ensuring progress and guaranteeing quick and easy salary and wage payments.