New opportunities that add value to your scheduling


Scheduling employee working time can be a complex task. It requires modern tools to ensure that the plans are coherent and support each day’s need for manpower. Get an overview of some of the new opportunities in our scheduling tools and what they can do for you.

New functionality that add value to your scheduling

Many of our customers need to ensure that the right employees are in place for the right job at the right time. And there are often quite a few considerations to take into account when making a plan that is cohesive and supports the need of each day. 

Over the past few months, we have released a lot of new functionality which make the scheduling task easier. Functionality which makes it possible to base your scheduling on relevant information such as payroll budget, manning need or tasks, and which gives you the necessary overview to be able to react quickly when changes in the plan occur. 

Get an overview of some of the opportunities below and how they can add value to your company: 


It can be expensive to have planned too many employees in relation to the tasks to be solved. And if that happens week after week, it will cost a lot of money in a year. 

Vice versa, it can also have high costs if there are too few employees.  This can, among other things, mean overtime for other employees, delayed deliveries or lost sales opportunities. 

With ProForecast, you get support to schedule the workforce in relation to your payroll budgets and exact manning needs hour by hour during the day. Once the planner has defined your manning needs, they can be visualised as graphs showing actual and forecasted manning – whether you use ProRoster or ProSchedule for scheduling. In the same way, the budget can be visualised in the planning view so the planner can easily decide how the plan is compared to the planning numbers/budgets and simulate alternatives before the plan is published. 

This simplifies the process and provides better overview of whether the need is covered so you can better avoid over- or understaffing while ensuring that the plan is in line with the payroll budget. 

And if you need the prepared plan to be sent to a manager for final approval before it is published, this is now also possible. Thus, you can ensure that the right manager with decision-making power approves the plan – which can be an advantage particularly if the plan breaks working time rules or increases the payroll budget. 

With ProMark, we now have a modern solution with intuitive user interfaces that simplifies our employee shift scheduling and provides store and sales managers with an exact overview of the costs of a given shift plan in the individual store

Henrik U. Schunck
Project Manager, Pisiffik


Extraordinary events such as special campaigns or stocktaking might require extra manning on some days.   This type of events can be added to an information calendar with text and time period which will be shown in the planning view in both ProRoster and ProSchedule. This allows the planner to take the events into account in time and ensure proper manning.


ProSchedule now also supports advanced planning of employee tasks during the working day. 

The planner can create lists of specific tasks to be solved during a day and then distribute them to available employees. For example, distribution of tasks such as temperature controls, filling up, cleaning, status meetings or the responsibility for the company’s customer support/chat. In this way, the company can ensure that the responsibility for important tasks is placed. 

Once the plan has been published the employees can see tasks and responsibilities for the day in our mobile app. This simplifies communication between manager and employee and ensures that the employee knows what he/she must focus on on that particular working day.

Detailed planning of employee tasks in ProSchedule


The visual element recurs in what we call the ’Employee Time Overview’. This is a timeline which through colour codes informs you about the status of your employees – here and now or at any chosen time. That is, whether they have clocked in, out or are absent.  

The overview displays the employees’ actual attendance compared to what was planned. Is everyone present as expected? How long are they expected to be at work? Are they absent during the day?  

The employees can easily see status for their colleagues, and the manager gets a quick overview of whether everything is going according to plan or whether there is a need to react – and possibly follow up on employees who, for example, often clock in late.

Employee Time Overview in ProRoster and ProSchedule


ProSchedule makes it even easier for the planners to ensure that shifts are covered in case of absence. The system can be configured to automatically recreate the demand if an employee registers absence such as sickness or holiday after his/her shifts have been scheduled.  

In this way, the planner gets an instant overview of which shifts are no longer covered due to the absence. Thus, you can ensure that someone actively decides whether the demand is to be covered or not so the planner can adjust the plan and/or put out the shift for sale to other employees.  


Both scheduling modules now offer more notification options which ensure smooth planning and efficient communication.  

The employee can receive a notification when there are changes to a plan which affect him/her. The same applies, if a manager puts out a relevant shift for sale, if a colleague wishes to swap a shift or if the employee has been assigned to a shift that he/she has bid on. This simplifies the communication between manager and employee and contributes to more flexible planning.  


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There is more information about the new options in our release information and release notes on our customer portal (for customers only).

We are also happy to give a demo of ProRoster and ProSchedule with focus on the many benefits you can achieve with our modern planning tools. Contact your Account Manager if you want to learn more.



If you use our old ProManagement module, there are many good reasons to take a closer look at ProRoster and ProSchedule.  

ProManagement is being phased out and we are no longer developing new functionality to the module. All scheduling functionality is available in the ProRoster or ProSchedule modules which are continuously developed. 

To avoid being left without a planning solution in July 2023 when support on ProManagement ends, we recommend that you plan an upgrade and transition. 

This will give you several benefits: 

  • You get access to functionality that supports modern and advanced needs for employee scheduling – with continuous development 
  • The modules are accessed via ProPortal so you get a web-based and fast user interface. The vast majority of daily functions can be performed via this browser access 
  • The web-based access to the modules allows you to reduce the number of installed clients and thus, save money on licenses and costs for upgrades and maintenance in your internal IT department 
  • Increased flexibility for your employees as they will not depend on a physical installation on a PC or remote desktop access if they work from home 
  • With self-service and mobile app, you can involve the employees in the planning which can increase employee satisfaction 

Right now, we offer to buy your ProManagement licence back if you purchase ProRoster or ProSchedule. This offer is valid until 30 June 2023. If you are interested, please contact Kenneth B. Schiønnemann so we can have a dialogue about your opportunities. 


ProMark offers two scheduling modules that can be used in combination as all data is stored centrally in ProMark:

  • ProRoster – staff rostering based on rotations and employee work hours.
  • ProSchedule – shift scheduling based on demands for manpower (and possibly qualifications), and sub­sequently allocating the shifts to the relevant employees.

By purchasing the ProForecast module, you can schedule your workforce according to your payroll budgets and specific need for manpower hour by hour during the day. This gives an overview of whether there is enough resources and whether the plan is in line with the budget.

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