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VEKS logoVEKS, short for Vestegnens Kraftvarmeselskab I/S, is one of Denmark's largest transmission companies supplying eco-friendly district heating in the Copenhagen area. Their supply system transfers the CHP and heat from waste incineration to 20 local district heating companies covering 150,000 families' needs for heating.

The local district heating companies sell the heat to private consumers, businesses and institutions. VEKS was established in 1984 to utilise surplus heat partly from combined heat/power stations partly from waste incineration and large industrial companies. Far less fuel is consumed when making use of excess heat with VEKS’ system.

In addition to benefitting the national economy, the environment benefits too with spared emissions of CO2, sulphur and nitrogen oxides from local plants which previously produced the district heating.

These years, VEKS is expanding their supply area. VEKS is a non-profit company whose values are based on transparency, accountability, respect and energy. VEKS is a partnership between 12 municipalities in Copenhagen West and they employ 65 people.

For a start, the ProMark Workforce Management solution at VEKS will include time & attendance and holiday registration based on our modern portal solution and LAN-Touch terminals. The turn-key project covers T&A and absence as well as project registration including integration to their payroll system KMD OPUS.

The project is due to start in January 2015.