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Mark Information Norway signs agreement with Coor Service Management AS


Mark Information Norway has signed an agreement with Coor Service Management AS on the implementation of our ProMark Workforce Management solution in Norway.

ProMark is already running at Coor in Denmark. Coor Service Management is a leading provider of IFM and FM services in the Nordics, offering all the facility management services necessary for a company or public body to work smoothly and effectively.

Coor’s customer base includes large corporations and small enterprises operating in the private and public sectors in the Nordic countries. Coor assumes substantial responsibility for its actions in relation to customers, employees, suppliers, the environment and wider society.

The company has approximately 6,100 employees in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Belgium. In Norway, they have approximately 1,250 employees and a turnover of 1.5 billion NOK. The Group's turnover is approximately 6.8 billion NOK.

The ProMark Workforce Management solution at Coor will cover T&A and project registration for all employees at ca. 70 locations. The solution is based on modern portal technology, including absence-KPI reports and web-based workforce scheduling, and with registration terminals at the relevant locations.

The ProMark solution will be integrated with Personec (HR/Payroll) and Prost (project system).

The project started in the autumn 2015.