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Kverneland Group Kerteminde A/S benefits greatly from ProBI delivered by Mark Information

CFO Jan Weber Pedersen, Kverneland Group KertemindeCFO Jan Weber Pedersen, Kverneland Group Kerteminde A/S, says:

"At Kverneland Group Kerteminde A/S we have applied the latest production methods to autonomous production groups which have full responsibility for all involved functions and processes - from processing the raw plates to welding, powder coating and assembly. The production system is supported by a bonus system which benefits all involved in the process. This system considers delivery, quality, productivity, job expertise, flexibility, training and special responsibilities.

In addition, we exchange personnel between the groups with consequent allocation of bonus, hours and costs. The ProMark BI solution on time and job is the core of the bonus calculation, and is integrated with EPOS payroll and SAP ERP. All this is a contributing factor to our: motivated and productive employees, high quality products and great delivery compliance."

Presis og direkte ledelsesinformasjon - med ProBIProBI – Business Intelligence - Management information

Business Intelligence is more relevant than ever before when you run a business as, in spite of crisis and uncertainty, the pressure is on to deliver a better bottom line with fewer resources. In all business sectors there is increasing demand for changes that lead to improved performance and target fulfilment.

With ProBI your company can more effectively use ProMark data as grounds for active decision-making. For instance, when analyzing  absence the company can, with just a few clicks, get an overview of reasons for absence, absence for various employee types, absence in different departments, information on these departments such as number of employees, employee categories, during which periods absence has been higher than normal and much more. This  allows the company to quickly form an impression of the extent of the challenges, and identify where efforts should be concentrated for maximum results.

By combining this data with other company data, you may also get useful input as to the reasons behind them, which may need to be considered in a wider context at management level. Not least, ProBI is a very flexible tool and if the company prefers to use their own data warehouse environment, for instance in order to combine data from ProMark with other company data, this is also an option. It is not a question of either/or!

At Kverneland Group Kerteminde it was important to be able to simplify their procedures around their complex bonus calculation. As ProBI/Job offers easy access to structured information on employee time on individual jobs/machines/groups/departments and simultaneously contains information on planned time consumption, it was obvious to use this as a starting point. ProBI/Job enables analysis of efficiency, quantity and material consumption and even the scrap reasons registered in connection with job transactions in ProMark.

In short, ProBI ensures that data is used actively as a basis for decisions and appropriate information is available according to needs and situation.

In addition to delivering BI cubes, Mark Information may also deliver Targit, a software application used as a presentation and analysis tool for the optimum solution.

Kverneland Group KertemindeAbout Kverneland Group Kerteminde

Kverneland Group Kerteminde - Experience, competence and quality. These are the characteristics of the plant in Kerteminde which is the Centre of Excellence for grass equipment in the Kverneland  Group. The adventure started in 1877 with the old Taarup Maskinfabrik. Since then the Kverneland Group has accumulated a wealth of technical know-how through research and development.

With 50,000 square metres under roof, the plant in Kerteminde is the largest in the Kverneland group, producing equipment for the cultivation of grass such as forage, bale and feeding machinery. In recent years, the  Kverneland Group has made large investments to increase capacity, flexibility and quality control. Some of the most important investments are a new paint facility, new assembly lines, new laser cutters including fibre laser welding robots and a new production line for the well-known cutter bars. Flexibility is crucial for ensuring rapid and effective changes between the many products offered.

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