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G&O Maritime Group chooses ProMark


The agreement covers implementation of a solution for collecting time and production data at 3 different locations in Denmark.

G&O Maritime Group

G&O Maritime Group has recently entered into an agreement with Mark Information on implementation of a comprehensive ProMark solution for approx. 200 registrants at 3 different locations in Denmark.

G&O Maritime Group consists of the companies Gertsen & Olufsen, Atlas Incinerators, Pres-Vac Engineering – which has used ProMark since 2001 – and Heco International.

As part of the merger, the group wanted to consolidate all internal IT systems, including HR, payroll and ERP. ProMark was chosen as a corporate solution for collecting time and production data.

The agreement includes the following modules:

  • Time & Attendance and absence registration for the hourly-paid and salaried workers (ProTime)
  • Absence analysis (ProAbs)
  • Collection of time consumption per job for follow-up on production hours and produced amounts (ProJob)
  • User interfaces for collecting registrations in the form of LAN Touch terminals, ProPC and ProMobile for the mobile workers
  • Web-based access for management overview and approvals (ProPortal)
  • Integration to Outlook, Lessor payroll system and ERP system
  • Reports and statistics (ProReport) and the Business Intelligence module ProBI

"With ProMark, G&O Maritime Group will get a flexible, easy and manageable system for planning and adjusting their resources according to current needs and requirements – hour by hour," says Michael Dupont Fischer, who is Country Manager of Mark Information Denmark. "This will help to increase efficiency and generate savings".

The project begins with a site study to map out the scope and details to ensure a realistic plan for the implementation. The goal is to start using ProMark at Pres-Vac, Gertsen & Olufsen and Atlas during December 2017. Then, implementation at Heco will follow in the first quarter of 2018.


About G&O Maritime Group
G&O Maritime Group was founded in 2014 when Gertsen & Olufsen acquired Atlas Incinerators. The following year, the group grew further by including Pres-Vac Engineering and Heco International. The goal is to build a strong group targeting the maritime segment with a wide innovative product portfolio of in-house technologies of the highest quality.