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Erik Tanche Nilssen implementing ProMark


New agreement with Erik Tanche Nilssen on ProMark Workforce Management

Erik Tanche Nilssen implementing ProMark Erik Tanche Nilssen AS' business is retail and wholesale of office equipment, packaging and consumables. They are affiliated the Norengros chain. The company is located at Kjørbekk in Skien, Norway, in addition to a wholesale shop at Herøya. They also have a separate department for graphic production, with branch offices in Oslo, Larvik and Porsgrunn. Their graphics department provides services in design, web development, printing and promotion to customers throughout Norway.

Erik Tanche Nilssen AS has a turnover of approx. 260 million NOK.

The ProMark Workforce Management solution for Erik Tanche Nilssen AS will cover time registration for 199 employees based on our latest portal technology.

The solution will be integrated with the HR and payroll system Huldt & Lillevik.

The project will start in February 2013.