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Bo Haslund celebrates 25th anniversary with Mark Information


often can you celebrate an employee's 25th anniversary in an IT company

Bo Haslund celebrates 25th anniversary with Mark InformationWe are very pleased to announce that System Architect Bo Haslund reaches that great anniversary on 1 July 2014.

Bo actually started with Mark Information already one and a half years earlier in a student job alongside completing his masters degree in engineering. In fact, he has therefore been with us even longer.

Over the years, Bo has developed on both the original DOS-based Mark System and later on ProMark, which was launched in 1996. For many years, his primary responsibilities have been to hold the course and keep the overall methodology through the continual intensive development and evolution of ProMark so that the system continues to be at the forefront of Workforce Management.

Bo's anniversary will be marked with a reception on Thursday, 3 July 2014 for present and former colleagues, friends and business associates.