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Appetizer on future functionality in ProMark


There are really exciting opportunities on the way in ProMark in 2016, and we want to unveil some of it already ...

Future functionality in ProMarkAt the recently held user conferences in Denmark and Sweden, we lifted the veil on what's coming in ProMark. Read more about some of the new opportunities here...

Strategically, our main efforts focus on the planning of company resources and business insight, i.e. to learn from what happens in the operation and use that knowledge to continuously improve the business.

On the platform side, we work on exploiting new technological opportunities and modernize our solutions.

All new functionality is developed in collaboration with customers, so that we are in close contact with users in developing the right solutions to specific challenges right from the start. Enquiries for new functionality come directly from customers, but are also collected at user group meetings where we get input to general wishes among several customers.

Finally, we naturally keep debugging and optimising the existing functionality to continuously improve the quality of our products.

All this results in new and exciting functionality:


Employees now have the opportunity to see their own rosters – and see colleagues' work schedules – and key in wishes related to holiday, leave or swopping shifts with a colleague.

Managers and planners can view the work plan combined with any wishes for holiday or leave and shift swops – and thus, they can quickly determine whether the wishes can be fulfilled or must be rejected.

Employees and managers/planners receive notifications of changes or required approval or other necessary action in the portal – and via email/sms, if desired.


It will be possible to plan split shifts where the same employee is to clock in several times during the same day – without this causing callout allowances or overtime, but planned within the agreed working time arrangements.


ProMobile is on its way as a hybrid app for download from App Store and Google Play. This will provide more opportunities to send specific messages to individual users and generally facilitate registration and the daily use of ProMark.

Something to look forward to!  Watch out for when the new functionality is launched on LinkedIn or in our newsletters.

If you have a specific interest in one of the possibilities, please get in touch with us.