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”The calendar view is nifty”


At SuperGros, employees acknowledge their attendance and absence on a monthly basis

”The calendar view is nifty” they think at SupergrosSuperGros' salaried employees do not clock in and out for their daily work, but they make sure their presence is known and that any holiday, illness and other absence is registered. This is done very smoothly in ProPortal where each employee has a calendar view providing them with an overview and the immediate opportunity to insert any deviations from their normal work schedule.

At the end of each month, employees acknowledge the registrations for that month –  by which action the manager is notified in his/her portal that the data are ready for approval. Just one mouse-click from the manager and the basis for wages is ready in the system, available for the payroll department.

"Previously, at the end of the month, managers had to tick off employee absence on lists which were then entered into the payroll system by the payroll department. That was not very efficient. Now I decide when I want to make the monthly registrations, and I can see what I entered earlier. That is nifty, and anyone can figure it out!" says Christian Rohde referring to the calendar view. "The system is fully open so there will not be any surprises like wrong deductions for holidays etc."

"Mark Information made a 100% delivery: on scope, on time, but not on budget – they went below!"

"Replacing another time and attendance solution with ProMark was an activity that added real value to SuperGros as well as being a really good experience for the users. ProMark with ProPortal is a user-friendly solution," says Henrik Agerskov, Project Manager at SuperGros a/s. "In addition to buying a system of the best quality, we also placed great emphasis on the importance of choosing a supplier who could carry out the implementation safely in one go. They succeeded in doing so despite a rather strict deadline. So we must say that Mark Information made a 100% delivery: on scope and on time. The budget did not quite stick as the implementation costs ended a little below the estimate but that is absolutely acceptable!"

SuperGros wanted a transparent system with integration to the present and future payroll system, automatic reporting via email, equal handling of registrations throughout the company and absence registration for administrative staff. Additionally, there was a desire to make managers more attentive to deviations from the planned manning usage, especially overtime. ProMark was the perfect choice. Through ProMark and ProPortal, SuperGros introduced new routines for approval on-line, improved quality and reduced time spent on payroll handling as well as gaining full transparency on absence KPIs through graphic display of, for example, absence per department.

After almost one year of operation, the conclusion is clear: Follow-up on deviations has had a considerable boost, and the basis for wages and payroll is now uniform. Our new payroll system is now being implemented, and the integration with ProMark is proceeding according to plan which will give us a nice time saving in connection with the pressed periods around pay day. "We got exactly what we asked for," says Henrik Agerskov.

The solution needed to cover a workforce of 1100 employees of storehouse workers, drivers and administrative staff across three different locations and be a turn-key solution supporting all business needs. Data collection was planned using both LAN-terminals and ProPortal and with notifications through ProNotify.

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SuperGros a/sSuperGros a/s is a wholesale dealer in the grocery and convenience market. SuperGros makes purchases and deliveries for the supermarket chains SuperBest, SPAR, KIWI as well as a whole series of smaller chains in the convenience market including Nærkøb, Letkøb and Shell.

Their primary business areas are purchasing and logistics. SuperGros a/s has an annual net turnover of 16.3 billion Danish kroner (in 2011).

SuperGros a/s is part of the Dagrofa group.