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ProMobile webinar

Join our webinar and learn more about ProMobile, the perfect tool for employees on the move

8 march at 10 hours

Do you want to enhance the efficiency of your mobile workforce? And save time on administration? Do you need an accurate real-time picture of the progress of work enabling you to take proactive actions if needed?

ProMobile is an app for employees on the move, enabling them to register time and all types of absence and access information regarding holiday, flexi-time and overtime balances – no matter where they work!

Registrations are validated online in real time and are immediately available in the ProMark database together with registrations from all other user interfaces. All registrations can be logged with GPS coordinates, if needed. If working hours are to be invoiced to customers or others, this is now possible at the end of the day because registrations are already available.

With the latest developments, working time can also be broken down on projects and activities, or the employee can clock in and clock out of jobs, as required. Finally, the app allows for self-service for swopping or selling shifts, as well as indicating wishes for holiday and time off.

ProMobile is a simple and effective tool, giving your mobile workforce the best possible conditions for completing their time registration and finish the basis for invoicing. Administratively, ProMobile reduces the manual work in HR and simplifies the payroll and invoicing processes. And with data in real time, management gets valuable insight, ensuring quicker and more effective decision-making.

Join our webinar about ProMobile and learn more about the new possibilities.
The webinar is also relevant for currents users of ProMobile.

Mobile registration Shift management in ProMobile


8 March at 10 hours


The webinar is carried out online via Skype for Business and requires no installation. You participate via your computer, where you follow the presentation and can communicate with the host and the other participants via the chat function. It is free to join!

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