10 good reasons for expanding your Dynamics 365 solution with Workforce Management on AppSource

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Quick guide: 10 good reasons for expanding your Dynamics solution with Workforce Management on AppSource

Microsoft Dynamics AX has functionality that supports many processes in a company. But when it comes to administration of employees and their working time and absence, many companies often have custom-developed solutions or adaptations to cover this particular need.

This presents a major challenge when companies need to upgrade to the cloud-based Dynamics 365 platform. And they must upgrade – sooner or later. Microsoft no longer supports AX4.0 or AX2009, and will stop support on AX2012 during 2021 …

With the Dynamics 365 platform, Microsoft has – just like many other large technology providers – adopted the app mindset as the way forward when companies need to add additional functionality to support all business processes.

This means that all existing custom-developed solutions must be adapted to the Dynamics 365 platform and put on AppSource where they must be maintained on an ongoing basis. This is both expensive and time consuming!

But there is an alternative! Companies can choose a best-of-breed solution from a Microsoft partner that is already on AppSource.

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