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Find the Workforce Management treasure in your organisation


The route to greater productivity and efficiency can be hard to find in complex organisations. Using the 5C Stakeholder Workforce Management matrix makes it much easier for the organisation to find the way as Mollie Lombardi from Brandon Hall Group explains in this short video interview.

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Professor of Management & Strategy: Workforce Management is a low hanging fruit for increased productivity


Flemming Poulfelt, Professor of Management & Strategy at Copenhagen Business School, explains how decision-makers can demonstrate proactive leadership in their efforts to boost productivity with Workforce Management.

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New truths with Workforce Management as a management tool


With Workforce Management as a management tool, decision-makers get a crucial “single version of truth".

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ANALYSIS: Growth in demand in Europe and in particular the UK & the Nordic countries for workforce management solutions


This is the conclusion of the recently published report by the leading U.S. market research firm IHS.

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If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there


Knowing where you're going is always useful, not just when you're off on an adventure. The same applies to business, and OEE will help keep your company on the right path to reducing waste and greater efficiency.

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What is the Working Time Directive?


ProTime can help your company comply with the EU Working Time Directive.

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Integrated global IT solutions


What do LEGO, SAS, Carlsberg and Aker Kværner have in common? They all operate in the global economy and strive to harmonise and standardise their IT solutions.

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Visibility – what do manufacturers see in it?


In a recent survey by ARC Advisory Group, nearly three-quarters of manufacturers said that visibility throughout the manufacturing process was a key reason to buy a collaborative production management (CPM) system.

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New EU regulation lays down higher requirements data collection.

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Focus on traceability


Traceability is a topic of great current interest.

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