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IHS Report 2015: Continued growth globally and in the Nordic market


Over the summer, the American research firm IHS published their Workforce Management Solutions Report 2015.

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Workforce Management creates a basis for good management


Interview with Professor MSc Econ Henrik Holt Larsen from Institute for Organisation at Copenhagen Business School.

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Avoid the productivity trap


According to the OECD, Great Britain is less than half as productive as the top countries in a study for the period 1995-2012.

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Workforce Management is an important tool for Sampension


In order to boost the value of Sampension’s customers’ savings, performance and the achieving of strong results are paramount for the company.

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In Greenland the hours count a little more


Time is short in the hours of daylight when staff in Greenland businesses are really busy. All their customers want their goods before the onset of winter and the sea freezes over. Reliable work times from the Workforce Management system get discussions going in the business world while improving the workplace at the same time.

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Improved management reporting leads companies to replace Workforce Management system


The automation of administrative processes and requirements for improved management reporting are the most important factors when major companies decide to replace time registration systems rather than maintain the existing solution. three major companies talk openly about the factors they took into consideration.

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Improve the use of human resources


To many companies, the human resources are their most important and expensive resources. We can fill the building with computers and servers, but without people there is nothing.

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Find the Workforce Management treasure in your organisation


The route to greater productivity and efficiency can be hard to find in complex organisations. Using the 5C Stakeholder Workforce Management matrix makes it much easier for the organisation to find the way as Mollie Lombardi from Brandon Hall Group explains in this short video interview.

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Professor of Management & Strategy: Workforce Management is a low hanging fruit for increased productivity


Flemming Poulfelt, Professor of Management & Strategy at Copenhagen Business School, explains how decision-makers can demonstrate proactive leadership in their efforts to boost productivity with Workforce Management.

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New truths with Workforce Management as a management tool


With Workforce Management as a management tool, decision-makers get a crucial “single version of truth".

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