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Four advantages of an international Workforce Management solution


Why choose an internationally-dimensioned Workforce Management solution for time registration and staff rostering? Get our view on the advantages and examples from companies who use ProMark across national boundaries.

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First aid for the evaluation of Workforce Management solutions


Get help to navigate the landscape of Workforce Management solutions and suppliers in new market guide from Gartner. We provide additional advice.

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Good experiences pave the way for mobile time registration


Time registration and scheduling via mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular. Eight experienced managers and HR administrators see far more advantages than disadvantages as regards Workforce Management on mobile phones, but it is crucial that the service is perceived by employees to be simple to use and relevant.

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Five tips for implementing mobile time registration


Significant HR administrative benefits can be achieved by implementing time and attendance registration via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Involving users early in the process and thorough testing are key elements of the implementation process, says the head of HR administration for one of Europe’s largest agricultural companies, DLG. He shares five tips for a successful implementation.

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What does HR have in common with Chandler Bing from the TV series "Friends"?


We know Chandler has an important job, but not many of us understand what he actually does. The same applies to many people who work in HR. How do we explain to our families, friends and colleagues what working with HR actually involves? In this article, some HR professionals describe how they tackle this.

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Would you like to know how the company is doing? Ask HR!


HR provides valuable insight to management. This has emerged from face-to-face interviews with HR people in six different companies. Information relating to absence, wage development and staff turnover are among the most important key figures reported to management.

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Good data collection increases productivity


Production and industrial enterprises share an objective over the next few years: to increase productivity. Norwegian Aker Solutions and GKN Aerospace explain how they use data collection to increase productivity – and hence profitability.

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Visualize the production plan and focus on productivity


The global competition today sets severe demands on production efficiency in all businesses.

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DLG harvests cash advantages through the digitalisation of HR


For several years Denmark’s ninth largest company in terms of sales, heavy goods company DLG, has focused on an ambitious optimisation strategy, in which HR played a pivotal roll.

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Communication is necessary for change


As part of a major change journey, last year SDC adopted a new collective agreement which affected all the company’s employees.

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