Workforce Management is an important tool for Sampension

In order to boost the value of Sampension’s customers’ savings, performance and the achieving of strong results are paramount for the company

Søren Espersen, SampensionSampension is Denmark’s third largest pension company. In order to boost the value of Sampension’s customers’ savings, performance and the achieving of strong results are paramount for the company. For this reason there is also a high degree of target management at every level throughout the company to ensure that this position is maintained. Here too, it is above all important to show every employee that each of them contributes to the achievement of goals for the company as a whole. Workforce management is an important tool for HR and Communications Manager Søren P. Espersen.

He considers Workforce Management crucial to ensuring that the right employee is doing the right job at all times. This requires a general overview.

“Workforce Management is important to all companies regardless of whether they are large or small. In essence, it is a question of using the company’s resources as efficiently as possible. Moreover, where projects are concerned it is important that the right resources are allocated to each project, both for managing costs and, even more important, for executing the company’s strategy with the highest possible value. On the other hand, as far as everyday work is concerned, what matters is keeping working hours under control and registering them correctly. Workforce Management must be integrated with the other company systems if the highest returns are to be achieved”, says Søren P. Espersen and goes on to describe Sampension’s own experiences.

“We are at an early stage with Workforce Management, which we use for time recording, for statistics and for management reporting.”

With 250 employees, Sampension is a company where delivering value to their customers is part of their DNA. For this reason, Workforce Management is an important aspect of the pension giant’s strategy-execution.

“At our company, Workforce Management is part of implementing the strategy. We have a process which constantly charts the resources which are available to Sampension. Resources are divided into three areas: first and foremost the company must be able to operate in practice; secondly there are the maintenance tasks; and thirdly we have strategic development. There must be sufficient resources to all three things. Therefore, the company constantly reports on which resources they are using and for what. This is a rolling process which happens every quarter.”

Sampension is a successful company with a large customer base and handsome returns and there are several areas which Søren P. Espersen is focusing on improving.

“We pay a lot of attention to the people area, where we must be better at establishing targets and trends, and bringing about the changes necessary for achieving our goals. We must focus even more on achieving the targets set, and on drawing up more inspired targets. This is something that everybody in the organisation must think about. There is always a way of doing things better. On the whole, what matters is creating a sense of ownership in employees and managers for the achievement of goals,” says Søren P. Espersen in conclusion.