New EU regulation lays down higher requirements data collection

SporbarhedWith the new EU regulation on traceability, new and higher requirements are set to companies regarding their ability to trace raw material and manufactured goods all the way through the manufacturing process. Producers must be able to trace the commodities forming part of the product, and where the finished goods end up.

Competitive element

Traceability has become a competitive element which companies are compelled to respond to somehow. Not only to protect consumers, but also to protect their company brand. There are numerous examples of companies receiving bad publicity due to harmful products being called back from retail.

Heavy paper flow

It is essential that ones systems provide for the possibility of quickly calling in products. If you have heavy paperwork procedures, you will experience not being able to react sufficiently fast or precisely.

EU regulation

With the EU regulation 178/2002 article 18 it is now required by law that you are able to trace e.g. food through all stages of production, processing and distribution:

"1. The traceability of food, feed, food-producing animals, and any other substance intended to be, or expected to be, incorporated into a food or feed shall be established at all stages of production, processing and distribution.

2. Food and feed business operators shall be able to identify any person from whom they have been supplied with a food, a feed, a food-producing animal, or any substance intended to be, or expected to be, incorporated into a food or feed. To this end, such operators shall have in place systems and procedures which allow for this information to be made available to the competent authorities on demand."