This could be the future title of a module in ProMark. But why should we deliver ”old wine in new bottles”?

Being a manufacturing company today, you cannot seem to avoid the concept ”Lean Manufacturing”. Many companies are already very much aware of this.

Som producerende virksomhed i dag kan man vist ikke komme uden om begrebet ”Lean Manufacturing”In short, ”Lean” as it is commonly known, is an umbrella name for a series of sound and reasonable principles and initiatives to be used in planning, preparation and implementation of production in a company.

One of the main elements in ”Lean” is to remove all waste. The concept of waste, in this connection, is very broad – including any activity (time or resource consumption) not contributing to increasing the customer's perception of the value of the product. Actually, the key words ’time’ and ’resource’ are in some cases - concurrently with the increased globalization - rather becoming a survival parameter as opposed to a competitive parameter in certain parts of Danish industry.

What is interesting in this connection is that Mark Information's core competences for many years has been precisely that: the collection of data distributed on time and resources. In the time registration field, Mark Information has for many years been the preferred supplier in Scandinavia, offering our customers the time & attendance solution ProTime, which collects precise and accurate data for the company's payroll and ERP systems – no matter how complicated their collective agreement is or how special their local agreements are.

So why not use this competence for collection of data on the shop floor, as well? With focus on the reduction of time and resource consumption in connection with a ”Lean” process or any other improvement process for that matter, Mark Information has been able to offer a solution for many years. The name is not ”ProLean”, but the well-known ProJob module in the ProMark system. A module which is used by a lot of our customers even today.

But how is ProJob then used, and what is the role of this module in a Lean inspired improvement process?

Basically, the module can control production orders through the whole manufacturing process, no matter what you produce. Via well-placed information points in the shape of registration terminals, PC's, PDA’s or the like, employees retrieve their job information and report back with information on time consumption and production data.

In this way, you gain a real-time and qualitative overview over for instance:

  • Total work time used on each individual order
  • Material consumption
  • Time used from the time the order was released until it was reported finished
  • Internal set-up time where the resource has not been able to produce anything

If you are on the verge of implementing an improvement process, ProJob can therefore contribute considerably by giving you the necessary overview over ”current state” in the production so that problem areas are located very early on.

If you are already in the middle of an improvement process, ProJob is an excellent reporting tool for following up on initiatives in process. By means of the available job information, it is possible to continually visualize performance in comparison to the goals set. As regards job registration, you can hardly find two companies working the same way. This makes high demands on the system's flexibility and to the competence in connection with preparation and set-up. At Mark Information we have long and solid experience in both these areas.

Through our collaboration over many years with companies who have gone through large or small alteration processes, we have built a foundation of experience through inspiration and acquired skills, which we share with our customers on a daily basis – both through our product development and our consultancy. Any project makes new demands and produces new ideas to the ProMark product. This inspiration is a major part of our product development, which both new and existing customers can benefit from.

A ”Lean” project which is very much about uncovering and registering deviations in production, inevitably has to start with a reliable preparatory work in the shape of specifying requirements and expectations.

Registering the right things is one thing, registering them right is quite another thing

The above statement is essential when specifying your requirements to a registration system. In ProJob it is possible to construct a wide range of combinations in the standard system to fulfil the results you want, and it is therefore crucial to initially be fully aware how you want the system to be used.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that you do not automatically become a ”Lean” company by implementing ProJob. But ProJob is a truly efficient and thoroughly tested tool which advantageously can support a ”Lean” process. Not only to point out problems to be treated, but also as a follow-up tool to visualize the effect of the continuous improvement.