Integrated global IT solutions

What do LEGO, SAS, Carlsberg and Aker Kværner have in common? They all operate in the global economy and strive to harmonise and standardise their IT solutions.

Aker Kværner supplerer SAP med job- og tidsregistrering i ProMarkMark Information is experiencing rapid growth and demand from large international corporations which want to roll out centralised and harmonised IT solutions to all their local units to an ever-increasing extent.

A good example of this trend is Aker Kværner, which has production facilities all over the world, and turnover of DKK 13 billion. As for so many other companies of this size, SAP is the de-facto standard within ERP-related areas, i.e. the company's core business systems. But also in common with similar companies, the core business systems have been supplemented by specific solutions within certain niche areas. One of these is job- and time registration, for which our standard ProMark application was selected.

"Thanks to our extensive experience of integration to SAP and our SAP-certified system, Mark Information is often first choice when companies want to add real-time data collection and decision-support for an existing SAP solution," states Steffen Meyer from Mark Information, and adds: "Companies such as Aker Kværner are trying more than ever to exploit the obvious commercial advantages inherent in harmonising core IT systems. And that's why it's perfectly natural that Mark Information is involved from one country to the next as part of the client's global IT strategy. In Aker Kværners case, we have now installed ProMark in Norway, Scotland, the USA and Malaysia, and there's more to come!"

Erik Engell - Aker Kværner"Our set-up is global with lots of production sites all over the world. It's essential for us that we have standardised solutions which give us fast, accurate information on our production orders to be able to rationalise our production units optimally, and increase delivery capability. A real-time data capture system such as ProMark closely integrated with our ERP solution is a big contribution. The fact that we also get continuous cost monitoring is an added bonus," says Global Process Manager for Manufacturing at Aker Kværner Subsea, Erik Engell.