Focus on traceability

Traceability is a topic of great current interest

Fokus på sporbarhed

Traceability is a topic of great interest at the moment, especially for companies in the medical and food sector where the authorities increase their demands for traceability in the supply chain. But even an increasing number of manufacturing companies with technologically demanding products have put traceability on their agenda because it gives valuable input to the improvement of company processes and to product quality.

By introducing traceability in the production, the company obtains a series of advantages described below.

In case of flaws in a product the company can trace:

  • The defective product or part all the way back through the process – even back to the supplier
  • Other customers having received the same product or parts of the same batch
  • Any other products using parts from the same batch which could have the same defect

Altogether, this puts the company in a position where they can:

  • Follow up on suppliers where the quality of their goods is not as specified
  • Trace defective goods at their customers and thus act proactively in relation to the customer
  • Minimize any damages as a result of critical errors in a product
  • Improve production processes and thus product quality

In ProMark there is a series of functions for collection of data on batch numbers of items to and from an operation. By use of this functionality, it becomes possible to trace the goods through production from supplier to customer.

With this functionality for establishing traceability in production, Mark Information adds another essential functionality to the mission-critical solution of the ProMark package.