Find the Workforce Management treasure in your organisation

The route to greater productivity and efficiency can be hard to find in complex organisations. Using the 5C Stakeholder Workforce Management matrix makes it much easier for the organisation to find the way as Mollie Lombardi from Brandon Hall Group explains in this short video interview

Most often, when a company considers investing in Workforce Management solutions for the collection and reporting of working hours, absence and tasks, the aim is to fulfil a management wish for:

  • higher productivity in the entire organisation and
  • efficiency in the administrative payroll processes

Here it is important to understand how the company’s management best identifies, implements, communicates and measures the value of the solution among the major stakeholders in the organisation.

But who are the major stakeholders in the organisation and how can management ensure that they adopt and utilise the solution in the most appropriate manner in relation to company goals, processes and strategy?

In this video interview, Mollie Lombardi explains how the 5C Stakeholder Workforce Management matrix can be used as a ‘treasure map’ to put the business case into practice and develop a plan for change and successful implementation.

In the interview she also highlights examples in relation to the stakeholders in HR/Payroll administration and management in the daily operation.



The 5C Stakeholder Workforce Management matrix

5C Stakeholder Workforce Management matrixThe model is an easy to grasp matrix that matches five important Workforce Management themes with five primary stakeholders within the organisation.

Using this matrix makes it easier for the company to recognize how the five essential themes impact the five major stakeholders and which role their Workforce Management solution should play to minimise risks and maximise efficiency and productivity in the organisation.

Similarly, the model allows the company to select and prioritize the focus areas they believe will return the best results.

Elaboration of the model

Mollie Lombardi and the Brandon Hall Group have published a detailed explanation of the model including a general description of how the five stakeholder groups relate to the five essential Workforce Management themes.

Download a detailed explanation of the model – without charge!