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Are you ready for the cloud? ProMark is!

ProMark is now available in different cloud environments and is thus a great match to companies’ IT landscape – wherever they are on their cloud journey. Learn more about the possibilities and how they differ from each other, so you can better assess what suits you best. 

The cloud market is gaining momentum! More and more business system providers introduce new, modern cloud solutions as a replacement for the traditional on-premise solutions. A trend we also clearly recognise in Mark Information. 

Many of our customers have already included cloud in their IT roadmap, while others are in the process of considering moving to the cloud. The modernisation journey is primarily driven by: 

  • A strategic choice to move to the cloud to take advantage of the benefits that lie in here 
  • A necessary shift as the existing HCM and ERP solutions are phased out by the supplier  


To ensure that ProMark is a great match to companies’ IT landscape wherever they are on their cloud journey, we offer different delivery options. Get an overview of the possibilities and how they differ from each other: 

The optimal solution depends on the individual company's situation and requirements for capacity, flexibility, security level and scope of control of their IT systems, as well as the need for being able to access the solution via the Internet. 


Promark Public Cloud - a scalable SaaS solutionWith ProMark 365 Cloud, you share the infrastructure and ProMark installation with other organisations on the MS Azure platform – and thus also costs. Each company has its own database/setup and data is completely separated by relevant security mechanisms. 

The ProMark solution is offered as a subscription-based Software as a Service solution in 3 different packages – with the option to change package if needed: 

  • Essentials: The simple choice for basic clock-in/out and absence registration 
  • Professional: The broad time & attendance solution with an option for project registration and scheduling of employee working time 
  • Enterprise: The complete solution with all available ProMark modules 

ProMark 365 Cloud is for companies who want a standardised, scalable solution with high security requiring minimum involvement from the company through: 

  • Mirroring of the environment at multiple locations to protect against errors and downtime 
  • Handing over the responsibility for keeping the infrastructure and application up and running, which frees up time for other tasks 
  • Upgrades are managed by us in planned service windows 
  • Compliance with ISO/GDPR standards 
  • Possibilities to scale the solution according to your needs – both in terms of infrastructure, software functionality and number of users 


ProMark Private Cloud - let us take responsibility for your ProMark environmentWith ProMark Private Cloud, ProMark is installed at an external server, which is hosted on the MS Azure platform or at IT Relation. Both server and software are exclusively dedicated to your company and therefore you will also cover all related costs.  

When it comes to software, you can either choose a subscription-based licensing model or invest in a perpetual software licence. Both options provide access to our customer support and new software versions. 

We assume responsibility for supplying a stable platform and provide full support at all hours, including monitoring – also of the capacity – backup/restore and a number of annual updates. We also manage the ProMark application, ensuring that integrations to e.g. payroll and ERP systems are working, that tasks in the modules run on schedule, database cleanup etc.  

ProMark Private Cloud is the solution for companies who want high operational security and flexibility through: 

  • Mirroring the environment at multiple locations 
  • Possibility to adapt the cloud environment to meet your specific requirements and scale it within the limits you choose 
  • Possibility to choose where data is stored 
  • Upgrades when it suits you as resources are not shared with other companies  

With ProMark Private Cloud, you get predictable costs in the IT budget while freeing up more time for other tasks as we take over the daily operation of server and application. 


ProMark On-PreimiseWith ProMark On-Premise, ProMark is installed on a dedicated server in your own IT environment. This requires internal resources in the company who can take responsibility for ensuring stable operation and keeping up to date with system updates, security aspects and more. 

This type of operational platform requires an initial investment in software licenses which gives you permanent right of use for the ProMark modules you buy. The investment is based on how many employees will be using the modules. In addition, there will annual costs for a maintenance agreement, giving you access to our customer support and new software versions. 

ProMark On-Premise is the solution for companies who prefer to take ownership of the IT operation themselves and want the greatest possible responsibility for performance, data management and upgrades. 


Regardless of which platform you choose, you get the same advanced functionality which helps to optimise your processes and provide valid data. And with access to customer support and highly experienced consultants who can help you get the most out of your ProMark solution on a continuous basis, you can maximise the return on your investment. 

If you want to discuss which delivery option is best for your company, please get in touch.