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ProMark simplifies handling of the flexible workforce and ensures correct payment


Paper timesheets for registration of working time for the flexible workforce are very common in many companies. This is not only time-consuming, but might also result in errors and delays. Thus, there are many advantages to be gained from digitalising the collection of working hours for these employees too.

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6 reasons for handling absence management in ProMark


Absence registration has always been a key process in ProMark. With the new ProAbs modules, the underlying administration of holiday and sickness can now also be handled in ProMark. Get the 6 most important reasons for why you should manage all your absence workflows in ProMark.

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ProMark – a future-proof platform for your workforce management requirements


Maintaining a leadership position requires a clear strategy and ambitious investments in development. Learn more about why ProMark is a future-proof solution.

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6 good reasons for getting control of your absence processes


Having control of employee attendance is very important. However, it is equally important to be able to manage their absence. Learn why and what the consequences are if you are not able to.

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Gaining control of your absence management processes pays off


It is not only important to have control of employee attendance. It is equally important to be able to manage their absence – whether it is due to holiday or illness.

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Getting the optimum from outsourcing your business processes


Rising activity levels and an increased need for stability push many businesses to hand over responsibility for one or more tasks to external business partners. Get advice on ProMark Business Process Outsourcing from both sides of the table.

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How to get business value from transforming legacy solutions to cloud ecosystems


Get an overview of the trends evolving in the market and how we respond to them to make ProMark a safe decision – now and in the future.

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Self-service provides flexible planning and increased agility


With ProMark, Hartmann now digitalises the process for selling and swapping shifts. This reduces both administrative time and increases flexibility and agility.

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Technical debt hampers efficiency


Technical debt can have considerable consequences for the company's efficiency and ability to retain and attract employees – and, in turn, its competitiveness. Learn more about what you can do to reduce it.

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Data-driven planning increases transparency and delivery capability at Coop


There are many factors to take into account when Coop plans the distribution of goods to its stores. Learn how ProMark helps to balance capacity and load – and enhances the efficiency when picking the pieces of goods.

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