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Retail & distribution

Major challenges – simple solutions for complicated processes

If you wish to have top class quality and also manage the hard competition within retailing and distribution, success does not just depend on the quality of service you give your customers but also how well you satisfy the perceptions they not only expect but also demand.

Both in terms of the retail trade and distributors, and third-party suppliers, one faces the problem of fluctuating demand and shorter delivery times, while at the same time one must consistently meet customers’ expectations. This requires overview and transparency in order to trim down one’s decision-making process and undertake precisely those measures needed to enable profits to be increased, reveal hidden costs and utilise the opportunities for increasing capacity contained both in your workforce and the production process

At Mark Information we have the tools needed to effectively help you pursue your goals. ProMark - Mark Information’s Workforce Management solution – ensures the visibility of the workforce and an overview of how the equipment functions – all in real time. ProMark provides the necessary operational overview needed to manage the challenges in a company that operates around the clock, is often distributed between many localities and which survives by managing changing services and constant customisations.

Optimum human resource planning requires operational control, so that you know that the right persons are at the right place. And only visibility in real time can help you make the right operational decisions, determine whether you should do more or less, increase earnings and reveal the hidden costs and unexploited potential of your workforce.

The advantages of ProMark

Works in real time ProMark provides you with real time visibility into your order status, into your workforce and into the adjustment of your delivery deadlines.
Involves fewer human errors ProMark stands out for its simplicity of setup and its user friendliness in day-to-day work. The automatic management of instructions ensures rapid learning, and its user-friendliness reduces expensive errors.
Ensures wages paid are correctly Registers working hours, absences and reasons for noncompliances and consults applicable collective and other agreements so the correct wages can be paid out, thereby reducing payroll costs by automating manual, faulty time recording and payroll systems.
Provides a detailed overview ProMark provides a sound and fact-based decision-making basis, which represents a complete overview of the production processes
Saves time for control ProMark records clocking-on/clocking-off times. This means less time consumed on checking and greater security for people moving about in the company. This releases time for more important tasks
Detailed planning ProMark’s detailed planning and monitoring feature, minimises late deliveries and ensures unnecessary resources are not consumed
Increased productivity ProMark measures which working hours create value. This makes it easy to see where productivity can be increased
Provides rapid returns ProMark has an average implementation time of only 90 days. This ensures a quick return on your investment