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Service companies live on one thing only – satisfied customers. Once upon a time one could compete on price alone, but that time is long past. The only way to have satisfied customers is to focus on high levels of service, and in today’s market, satisfied customers are looking for the ultimate service experience.

Good service is the absolutely largest competition parameter. Ultimately, good service is provided by the employees, but the preconditions are documentation of operations, user-friendliness and certainty that there will be enough personnel at the right times. Success does not only depend on the quality of the service your customers receive, but also on how well you provide the service they not only expect but also demand.

We at Mark Information have developed tools which allow for strong customer focus and which also manage the challenges which follow with planning of a needs-guided workforce. ProMark - Mark Information’s Workforce Management solution – ensures the visibility of the workforce, the status of work processes, increases availability and increases the level of service all without losing the interest of the employees. ProMark provides the necessary operational overview in real time, in order to ensure the right persons are in the right places.

The advantages of ProMark

Working in real time ProMark provides a flexible system which enables the optimum planning of resources while also documenting the labour costs
Documents operating ProMark registers working hours, absences and reasons for noncompliance. It makes it easy to change shifts
Ensures the correct wages ProMark reduces payroll costs by automating manual, fault-ridden time and payroll systems, and consults applicable agreements ensuring the right wages can be paid out
Is user-friendly ProMark stands out for its simplicity of setup and its user friendliness in day-to-day work. All discussions between users and the system are carried out in plain text. The automatic management of instructions ensures rapid learning, and its user-friendliness reduces expensive errors
Saves time for control ProMark records clocking-on/clocking-off times. This means less time consumed on checking and greater security for people moving about in the company. This releases time for more important tasks
Increased productivity ProMark measures which working hours create value. This makes it easy to see where productivity can be increased
Provides a detailed overview ProMark provides a sound and fact-based decision-making basis, which automatically provides a complete overview. This means time saved time on checking and verification and a quicker overview of areas which would benefit from focus





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