Logistics & transportation

Exact data for efficient and flexible planning

Exact data for efficient planning within logistics and transportationThe competition within logistics and transportation is quite tough. Varying load rates and increasing demands for short delivery times, delivery on time and a high level of service are just some of the challenges companies face.

It requires both overview and detailed planning to run a business 24 hours a day – maybe even on more locations – and manage a large number of hourly-paid employees working in shifts.

IT – the way to increased efficiency

Extended use of IT is a prerequisite for increasing efficiency and profit. Minimization of cumbersome, manual working processes in favour of digital, mobile and user-friendly solutions are some of the initiatives companies should be focusing on.

Our ProMark Workforce Management solutions provides the necessary overview of your workforce to enable you to plan the right resources for the right time and job – while ensuring that the resources are remunerated correctly.

With real-time data, you will get exact and valid information about status on tasks and resources. This provides a sound and factual basis, helping you to make the correct operational decisions. Thus, ProMark gives you the necessary insights to optimise the use of time and resources, respond promptly to possible changes and achieve savings.

Get in gear with ProMark

ProMark can help you and your company well on the way. Some of the benefits are:

  • Exact and real-time overview of status and resources provides a solid and factual basis for decisions 
  • Better utilisation of employees’ working hours through efficient staff roster planning – also in case of deviations
  • More visibility around non-activity based hours and where to optimise
  • Minimises human errors by removing manual processes
  • Saves time for control of employee attendance and absence
  • Ensure correct payroll, including overtime, supplements etc.
  • Short implementation time which ensures a quick return on your investment


customer references


Cadogan Tate Group Limited
CEVA Logistics
Color Line
Coop Albertslund Distribution centre
Coop Hasselager Distribution centre
Coop Danmark A/S
DKI Logistics A/S
Freja Transport & Logistics A/S
GASA Group Denmark A/S
GLS Denmark A/S
Scan Global Logistics A/S
Skandinavisk Logistik A/S
SuperGros A/S
Viggo Petersens Eftf. A/S


Ahlsell Norge AS
Ahlsell Sverige AB
Erik Tanche Nilssen AS
Pisiffik A/S
Saint-Gobain Distribution Danmark
Sika Danmark A/S
Smyths Toys UK Ltd


Mascot International A/S


Air Greenland A/S
APM Terminals – Cargo Service A/S
BHS Logistics A/S
J. Nørgaard Petersen A/S
Metro Service A/S
Royal Arctic Line A/S
Stavnskær Fragt
Trafikselskabet Fynbus

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